Comparison of Minecraft-Discord linking plugins

Last updated: Saturday, 1 Oct 2016

DiscordSRV DiscordMC Pl3xBot

General Information
System BukkitDev & SpigotMC SpigotMC SpigotMC
Version 12.0 1.4.1 1.0.6
Downloads 3,258 1,410 6
Servers active 210 No metrics available No metrics available
Developer Scarsz manuelgu BillyGalbreath
License GPLv3 GPLv2 Closed source
Required Dependencies 0 0 Pl3xBot-API, Vault
Configuration options 79 17 ?
Price Free Free $5
Developer API Yes No Yes
Open source Yes Yes No
Minecraft → Discord
Chat Yes Yes ?
Complete console relay Yes No ?
/say messages Yes ? ?
Achievements Yes No ?
Player join / leave Yes Yes ?
Player death Yes Yes ?
Start up / shutdown Yes No ?
Discord → Minecraft
Chat Yes Yes ?
Execute console commands Yes No ?
Emojis supported 50/50 No ?
Attachments supported Planned No ?
Discord Commands
online Yes1 No ?
tps Yes1 No ?
Enable / Disable Yes1 No ?
Can change the prefix of a command Yes1 No ?
Limit commands to Discord role Yes No ?
Custom commands that execute Minecraft commands Yes1 No ?
Disclaimer: This comparison is made by the developer of DiscordSRV. This site was templated by permission of Chikachi.
1 The plugin allows to run any console command.